Girl fucked in the library


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  1. Tugor 2 years ago

    We're waiting for porno movie of her

  2. Banos 2 years ago

    Women in burkas get assaulted. It doesn't matter what you wear, say, or do. You can't control someone else's thoughts, so...No, it's not our responsibility. Also, you don't get out of trouble for something you said or did just because you claim that you prayed over it. That's not how this works.

  3. Fenrigrel 2 years ago

    agree; especially ones that work with existing business for a direct school to work program

  4. Malagul 2 years ago

    It might be an a-hole move (I don't think so... but I'm an a-hole) but it also gets all the same information out very directly to everybody.

  5. Akinosar 2 years ago

    hello gorgeous what s on your mind

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