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  1. Kazralabar 2 years ago

    i like having fruit bearing trees. i hae a persimmon tree and the birds and feral chickens will climb up and nest in there, and eat the fruit. they last a long time, and apparently chickens love them. [but then chickens love styrofoam. its chicken crack. do not know how it doesnt kill them.]

  2. Tukree 2 years ago

    they were drilling stiffer than their neighbours

  3. Samukora 2 years ago

    sexy picture and nice videos

  4. Fenrikus
    Fenrikus 2 years ago

    Hey there sweets, I'm in S.A. too if you ever wanna hookup and play or smoke and hangout or just chat here! Message me anytime, I really hope to hear back from ya! :)

  5. Vojora 2 years ago

    Could you turn the music down just a little, I can't hear you!

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